The Best Crust for Your Frozen Pizza: 3 No-Fail Options

A year like 2020 would send anyone straight to comfort foods. Grocery store trends prove it out with familiar, trusted brands seeing an uptick in sales and familiar, trusted foods following suit. Not surprisingly, frozen pizza sales in U.S. grocery stores jumped to $5.47 billion in 2020 — a nearly $500 million increase over 2019 numbers.1
However, indulgent eating has sent 43% of Americans on a quest for healthier lifestyles.2 While many customers still want the soul-satisfying chew of a loaded pizza with a substantial crust, 60% of pizza lovers claim thin crust as their favorite.3 This leaves grocers and retailers needing to find a balance between both preferences.

Is There A “Best” Frozen Pizza Crust?

Sure, the decision could be complicated — but it’s not when you’re working with Alive & Kickin’.
We have par-baked crusts in the thicknesses and recipes you need for the absolute best frozen pizza. Our Cobble Hill line performs — and satisfies — like none other. The combination of quality ingredients and par-baking makes each pizza crust easy to handle, ready for prep, and oh-so-delicious when final-baked in any traditional oven.

• Cobble Hill Hand-Tossed Style Crusts offer a traditional look, thickness, and amazing frozen pizza crust integrity that make them ideal for those gotta-have-loaded-pizza comfort food moments.

• Cobble Hill Thin and Ultra-Thin Crusts offer flaky crisp texture and light bite. The cracker thin profile is appealing to thin crust fans and those looking for a less-filling alternative to pies with hand-tossed crusts. Definitely a contender for the best frozen pizza!

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Don’t Ditch the Deli

Frozen pizza has a huge following and loyal buyers, but grocery store delis give customers yet another fantastic option! Authentic Wood-Fired Crusts are not only great for frozen pies, they also make take and bake a premium experience. Natural bubbling, appealing texture, and subtle smokiness is a hit with customers who want pizzeria-quality final bakes at home.



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